Vending machines provide a convenient way for your team to enjoy tasty treats, delicious drinks and consumer products without having to leave their workspace. And at no cost to you!

We can provide all your office vending machines, stocked with a full range of snacks and beverages.

With options like Asian products, food, frozen, coffee, personal hygiene, phone and computer accessories, you’ll keep your team productive and focused – even through the ‘3pm slump’!


With free delivery right to your office, no matter where you are in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Mornington Peninsula as well as Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.


All equipment comes with coin, note and credit card payment systems as a standard, or they can be completely cashless. We customise the range to meet your needs and the ever changing needs of your customers, based on consumer trends, including “Better for you” healthy options.


Our partner Aus-vend monitors sales via the telemetry system to ensure we have the optimal range, ensuring you always have access to the most popular and fast-moving items.


Are the vending machines COVID friendly (i.e. touch free option)?

Yes, the vending machines are contact-less.

What payment options are available on the machines?

We can provide machines with either traditional (coin, note and credit card) or contact-less payment options.

Can I choose the contents of the machine?

Yes, the machines are versatile and can be stocked with items of your choosing. For example: meals, snacks, confectionary & phone accessories.

Are the vending machines brand specific (i.e. all Coca-Cola, Smiths, Arnott’s, Pepsi etc...)?

No.  The machines can be filled with a mix of brands. Our friendly team can help you select a range of items to suit your needs.

Is there any charge for installation and replenishment of stock?

There is no cost to your business for installation or replenishment of the vending machines.

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