Our successful social enterprise transforms lives, reduces reoffending and decreases the cost of re-incarceration.

The Fruit2Work Impact

People with lived experience of the justice system face significant barriers to securing employment, housing, transport and health care which can leave them desperate and at risk of reoffending. Nearly half of the people released from prison in Australia today return to prison within two years.


Our focus on providing meaningful employment and our impressive record of ZERO recidivism speaks for itself.  

When we help people avoid reoffending this creates significant social cost savings, estimated at over $500,000 per person annually.  Since Fruit2Work began, we have employed and transitioned more than 100 people and eliminated more than $20 million in recidivism costs*.


Our impact is measured by the Australian Social Value Bank and rated a 8.5/10.

More than a job – how we support our people to change their lives.

From initial contact through to a transition to a new job, we provide wraparound support to help our team create positive and lasting change for themselves and their families.


Our Transition 2 Change program includes on the job training, mental health support, coaching from our leadership team and weekly attendance at our ‘Build a Better You’ program. And, we celebrate when they achieve their goals.

Hear our General Manager Simon Fenech talk about Fruit2Work’s life changing impact

Success stories


Amy is creating a happy future for herself and her daughter.


In November 2021, Amy joined Fruit2Work, working both in our warehouse and admin.


After completing almost 100 shifts, Amy transitioned to an Admin Assistant role at a new workplace.


Hear Amy share her daughter’s joy when she heard about her mum’s new job. 


Scotty joined Fruit2Work in October 2018 and worked hard, becoming one of our Senior Drivers.


After driving for Fruit2Work for almost four years, Scotty successfully found a new role at a national waste and recycling company.  


Rick is adamant that without Fruit2Work he would be back in prison.


We met Rick in August 2022, at Fulham Corrections Centre. He heard our presentation and asked if he could be given a second chance.


Initially Rick was employed as a driver.  In his first few months with us, Rick’s leadership qualities and management potential became clear. He was appointed as Operations Manager in January 2023 and now leads our Hallam site. Rick receives ongoing mentoring and support from Simon and the leadership team.


After spending 10 years (across 13 years) in prison, Rick decided to grab his chance on behalf of his partner and 3 children (Jay, Lilly, Ruby). Listen to Rick talk about the impact Fruit2Work has had on his life.

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Your donation transforms lives

Fruit2Work creates chances for people impacted by the justice system. We believe that having a criminal record should not be a barrier to someone building a better future for themselves and their loved ones.


By providing a holistic employment and training program, we help people rebuild their lives through improved self-worth, reconnection with family, and reintegration into society.


Your donation allows us to create even greater impact and improve outcomes for our people, their families and the community.


Your donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible.

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