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Why Us?

We Create Chances

We are disruptive to bias, we remove stigma.

Fruit2Work is a certified Not for Profit Social Enterprise where we create chances through employment for those impacted by the justice system.


What Makes Us Different?

We do not judge, we lead by example through lived experience, creating an accepting environment.


  • We are a values driven business with a positive social purpose.  
  • We effectively prevent people from reoffending.  
  • We are a team of people who look after each other.
  • We give everyone the opportunity to belong. ​
  • We enjoy ourselves.
  • Our whole team lead by  example.
  • We reunite people with their kids, their families, their partners creating a positive ripple through society.



Social Procurement to Healthy Snacks – Fruit2Work

At Fruit2Work, we are a bunch of people who don’t like judging others.  We are a not-for-profit company and we believe in social procurement. We have an accepting environment in our workplace and we believe in giving everyone a second chance – everyone deserves to improve.

As each individual improves their lifestyle, society improves with it. Our idea of social enterprise implementation is hiring people who spent some time in prison and helping them be an integral part of society. This helps them transform their lives.

We believe it’s our corporate responsibility to reduce crime and to ensure everyone is happily employed in constructive industries. We believe in tolerance and acceptance, and this is how we lower recidivism and create a healthier environment for all of us. If you’re as open-minded as us and also love to munch on healthy snacks, order a fruit box from us. In a society, we need to look after each other and this is how we grow. You can support our initiative by ordering a tasty fruit box.

Social Procurement and Improvement of Lives

We are a small social enterprise in 2020 and we aim to grow with time and employ more people who need compassion and understanding. We provide fruit and milk deliveries all over Melbourne. When you order from us, you only pay for the products you order.   We are a social enterprise and we don’t work for a profit. We aim to employ people who need acceptance.

Our workday is full of fun and happiness as we connect to our customers and deliver them their favourite healthy snacks. We believe in spreading positivity and we lead by example. Let people live better lives by ordering fruits, fresh fruit juice, and milk directly to your office. Whenever you feel like munching on a fresh apple, just let us know and we’ll deliver your favourite fruits to your office.

Reuniting people with their families with social procurement

Our goal is simple. We want people to lead better lives. And in this process, we want people to have healthy snacks. This is why we chose fruits, juices, and dairy as our main products. Instead of going to the farmer’s market to get your fruits and dairy, just select any of our boxes and fresh produce will be delivered to your office doorstep.

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