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Milk Delivery Service

Milk Delivery Right at Your Office Doorstep

Whether its for that important morning cup of coffee or just maybe a refreshing glass of cold milk, we offer milk delivery services in Melbourne, Geelong & Ballarat that make sure you get what your office needs right to your kitchen.


We provide you with 100% Australian family owned, operated and locally produced dairy milk with long expiry dates along with the dairy alternatives you may want.


Quality Service

High quality & personalised deliveries.

Flexible Options

Customisable orders to suit your needs.

Competitive Pricing

Guaranteed competitive pricing with affordable options.

No Contracts

No lock in contracts for peace of mind.

Milk Delivery at Work – Fresh Milk Products with Fruit2Work

Whether it’s for your morning coffee or a nice cup of tea, you need our milk doorstep delivery. Depending on your needs and milk consumption, we can provide daily or weekly milk delivery.

Ordering from us is really easy. Visit our website and enquire about Fruit2Work delivery services. With just a few clicks, your enquiry will be placed with us. We deliver in Metropolitan Melbourne, Greater Geelong & Ballarat.  We are a not-for-profit company and believe in transforming lives as a part of our business processes. We strive to make our employees indispensable parts of the community with the help of social procurement.

Whether you’re looking for full cream milk, lite milk, or non-dairy varieties of milk, we deliver it all right to your workplace. We are your local milkmen who deliver to you, no matter rain or shine. We make sure you get your daily or weekly dose of fresh milk and other dairy products.

Whether you need milk for individual needs or have a dairy product business, we’ve got you covered. With our doorstep milk delivery, you can get a fresh stock of milk every day. Going to the store to get milk is often time consuming and also waste the productivity time of your staff.  With doorstep milk delivery, you get just what you ordered. And of course, if you want a snack, you can also get it from Fruit2Work with our fruit delivery service

Milk Delivery Services Made Simple

Fruit2Work’s door to door milk delivery service runs throughout Metropolitan Melbourne, Greater Geelong & Ballarat and ensures you have enough milk for your tea and coffee. Our shopping process is extremely simple. Just select the product/s you want to order either on a regular standard order or give us a call/email to advise of your non-standard order. Your products will be delivered to your office or even rotated along with the other milk stock in your fridge.

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Our dairy milk is supplied by Procal Dairy.  100% Australian family owned and operated.  Sourced locally in Victoria.

Procal milk is produced with a 16 day use by period.  We commit to having at least 10 days shelf life on milk once delivered to you

We receive our milk supply from Procal every 2nd day.  The moment the refrigerated transport arrives, the pallets of milk are removed from the truck and taken to storage in our industrial chillers – set between 2-3 degrees Celsius.  The morning of a customers requested delivery, the required milk is transferred into our multiple refrigerated delivery vans to be taken to the delivery site

Please make contact with us directly either via phone on 1300 414 183 or email at

It is recommended that milk is always stored at or below 4 degrees Celsius.  The longer that milk is kept unrefrigerated at the correct temperature, the quicker the shelf life reduces.

Yes.  Apart from our fresh and long life dairy milks, we are also able to supply non dairy varieties.  We have Almond Milk, Soy Milk (Milk Lab or Bon Soy), Oat Milk & Lactose free Milk.

Fruit orders 12 Noon business day prior to delivery

Milk orders 3 pm business day prior to deliver