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Fruit Delivery Service

Healthy Fruit Delivery Service Melbourne, Geelong
& Ballarat

Think of fruit delivery, think of Fruit2Work. We have the best fruit box delivery in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. And that’s because we handpick each fruit when packing it. We ensure you get the crunchiest and juiciest fruits.


Quality Service

High quality & personalised deliveries.

Flexible Options

Customisable orders to suit your needs.

Competitive Pricing

Guaranteed competitive pricing with affordable options.

No Contracts

No lock in contracts for peace of mind.

Fresh Fruit Delivery Along With Other Healthy Options

Whether you’re craving apples, peaches, bananas, or any other fruit – just visit our website and place your enquiry. Your favourite fruits will be delivered right to your office doorstep. And we offer free delivery all over Metropolitan Melbourne, Greater Geelong and Ballarat, which means you don’t have to pay delivery charges either! We are a not-for-profit company aiming primarily at transforming the lives of our employees while delivering healthy snacks in the community.

Our fruit box delivery services are known for their high quality fruits. We pick the best fruits when packing your basket. But if you have any special requests, just let us know and we’ll ensure you get your fruit just the way you want it. We understand that some people have busy work hours and they don’t get time to visit the store to get fresh fruits and this is why they skimp on nutritional snacks. With our services, there’s no reason to snack on unhealthy food when fresh fruit is delivered right to your workplace.

While we offer fruit delivery to workplace, that’s not the only thing we do. We also offer fresh milk and non-dairy alternatives. Our Fruit2Work service also delivers fresh milk right to your office. So you can have a cold glass of milk – a drink that’s not just delicious but also nutritious. Milk is considered to be a superfood with many vitamins and minerals. If you’re looking for a change of beverage at your work, make sure you switch to milk. With our milk delivery services, you’ll get fresh milk every day.  We are a fresh fruit delivery service like none other. We are a not-for-profit company and we aim at bringing a positive change in society. By hiring our employees and keeping a happy work environment, we reduce their chances of recidivism.

Place your order for fresh fruit box delivery in Melbourne, Geelong & Ballarat

Just select the product/s you want to order either on a regular standard order or give us a call/email to advise of your non-standard order. Your Fruit will be delivered to your office or even decanted in your office kitchen is you wish.

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Red Apple, Green Apple, Bananas, Seasonal fruits – Pears, Plums, Nectarines, Peaches, Mandarins

Our current supplier is In2Foods.  In2Foods offers some of the freshest fruit and vegetables in Melbourne.  They strive for excellence and have been operating as a highly reputable fresh wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier in Melbourne and Wider Australia for 90 years.

Fruit orders 12 Noon business day prior to delivery

Milk orders 3 pm business day prior to delivery

 Yes.  When you place your enquiry we will discuss with you the 12 different fruit box combinations.  Alternatively if the combinations are not what you are after, we can discuss alternative options.

If you have a special request, please make contact with us directly either via phone on 1300 414 183 or email at [email protected]

Yes.  You can order set fruit boxes of 25, 35 or 50 pieces.  Alternatively, if you are wanting a different quantity we are happy to discuss this with you when you make your enquiry.